14 Giftable Holiday Crafts to Do With Your Kids

As you spend time with your children at home this holiday season, here are some easy holiday crafts that can keep their little hands busy, many of which make GREAT gift ideas for the important people in your child’s life!  Note: don’t forget to check your local dollar store for often great deals on craft supplies!

candy filled ornaments large

From: 30 Minute Crafts

Materials: Plastic ornament, M&Ms, Skittles or other small candies, 2 pieces of ribbon, paint pen

From: Wholefully

Materials: Applesauce, ground cinnamon, craft glue, glitter, puffy paints, rhinestones, cookie cutters, sand paper, ribbons in addition to kitchen supplies.

holiday ornament in hand
mint ornaments

From: One Little Project
Materials: Metal cookie cutters, peppermint candies, parchment paper, toothpick, ribbon

From: One Hundred Dollars a Month

Materials (per sled): 10 miniature candy bars, 2 candy canes, 1 full size kit kat, glue or double sided tape, wrapping ribbon, wrapping bows

candy cane sled large
popsicle stick sled large

From: Clean and Scentsible

Materials: Popsicle sticks (regular and small), wood glue, wood stain, paint, glue dots, embellishments (jingle bells, faux greenery, etc)

From: One Little Project

Materials: Colored popsicle sticks, foam sticker stars, sticker rhinestones, twine, glue gun, utility knife

popsicle stick xmas tree
tealight snowmen

From: One Little Project

Materials: Battery operated tea lights, black sharpie, red ribbon, red pipe cleaners, red pom poms, black felt, orange sharpie, glue gun

From: The Best Ideas For Kids

Materials: Large and medium sized clothespins, white acrylic paint, glitter paint (fine blue), snowflake confetti or fabric snowflakes, small white pomp poms, blue or silver rhinestones, tacky glue, hot glue, twine

clothespin snowflake ornament
beaded snowflakes

From: The DIY Mommy

Materials: Silver pipe cleaners, pony beads

From: This Grandma Is Fun

Supplies: Cinnamon sticks, Twine, Ribbon, Glue Gun, Scissors, Spray Starch & Iron

cinnamon stick xmas tree ornament
truck popsicle stick photo frame ornament

From: Fun Loving Families

Materials: colorful popsicle sticks, glue, glue gun, scissors, glitter paper or photo (for window), cinnamon sticks, green pipe cleaners, black buttons, twine

From: Refresh Living

Materials: Toilet paper or paper towel tubes, school glue, tacky glue or hot glue, glitter

paper tube roll snowflakes
sock snowman

From: Easy Peasy and Fun

Materials: 1 white sock, 1 colorful sock, rice, rubber bands (or thread), buttons, ribbons, glue gun, markers or paint, orange pom poms

From: One Creative Mommy

Materials: 1 white sock, rice, white pom poms, orange felt or pom pom, large googly eyes, adhesive-backed black felt, 3 hair elastics, hot glue, glue

sock olaf snowman


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