Our Family of Schools


Sonnet Montessori is part of the family of schools owned and operated by Jessica Johnsen and Kylie Schrader, which operate in the Midwest, including Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. Our schools are not just “daycares” or “childcares”—although nurturing and caring for children is one of our core values—we strive to foster environments where your child can develop at their own pace and where the foundation is laid for success in elementary years and beyond.

We believe that one of the most important decisions you will make in your child’s life, is your choice in early childhood education. We also believe that there is not “one-size-fits-all” model of early childhood programming. We are committed to offering parents a variety of programming options, and you can learn all about them below.

Each member of our family of schools offers a unique program, but you can be confident that all of them remain true to our core values and mission.

COLLABORATION. There is no “I” in our team! It takes a village to raise a child and we are here to help. We are all about partnership between home and school for the success of the child.

COMMUNICATION. Not only do we want to tell you what we are doing, but we want you to know why we are doing it. A 2-way parent-teacher communication app; monthly newsletters; parent education; social media updates; a live blog filled with parenting and early childhood education insight! These are just some of the ways we communicate.

INNOVATION. The world is changing fast – but sometimes the basics are still best! Sonnet strives to know which trends to follow and which to ignore.

NURTURING. We love our students and our staff. We interact with one another with respect and accountability rooted in grace and gentleness. We seek to understand every human we come into contact with, whether tiny or full grown.

POSITIVITY. “How much fuller and richer life would be if we saw the child in all his greatness, all his beauty, instead of focusing on all his little mistakes?” said Dr. Montessori. We are too busy growing the future to have time for negativity! We don’t HAVE to be here, we GET to be here.

FUN. We believe that learning is better with a smile, and that as Dr. Montessori said, “joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable . . . are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.”

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Lakeville and Prior Lake, Minnesota

At Sonnet Montessori, we are dedicated to the Montessori philosophy, which fosters individual growth and independence through individualized learning guided by Montessori certified teachers.  We are also dedicated to fostering individual growth and independence.  The teaching staff provide one-on-one lessons, in addition to large and small group activities, designed to help each child progress at his or her own rate.  While at Sonnet, the children learn to respect each other, their environment and begin to understand the importance of peace. 

We seek to:

  • Stimulate the child’s curiosity
  • Create a peaceful world by creating a peaceful classroom
  • Build confidence and responsibility
  • Develop a sense of community
  • Foster love, friendship and respect
  • Nurture individual growth and independence
Minnesota | Eden Prairie, Fernbrook, Maple Grove, Minnetonka & Plymouth

Nebraska | Bennington, Harrison Street, Omaha

Iowa | Creekview, Downtown Des Moines, Grimes, Huxley, Maple, Norwalk, Polk City, South Grimes, West Des Moines, & White Birch

Yellow Brick Road is a warm, nurturing environment that is rooted in the belief that every child deserves a safe place to learn, explore and grow. As educated professionals, we partner with families through a pathway of connections between home, early education, and the community. We aim to be recognized within the community as a great place to work, kind to the environment, and supportive of our local schools. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality early education at a reasonable price, while helping to bridge the gap between the early childhood development and the first years of schooling.

YBR believes in innovative practices, and use Teaching Strategies GOLD®, the preferred curriculum for NAEYC.  This approach follows the development of each child individually, as well as the classroom as a whole, allowing your child to get the individual attention they need while developing and learning at a healthy pace.  We also believe communication is essential in quality childcare and use the app Kangarootime to keep parents updated with what their child does throughout the day.    Yellow Brick Road also strives to be affordable, offering childcare services at a price you can feel good about while still being a sustainable business.

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Our goal at Seeds to Seedlings is to provide the children in our care a clean, safe, comfortable and loving environment where they can play and learn. Respect towards self, others and environment are emphasized.  Kindness, fairness, listening, safety and fun are our 5 most important rules! We make every effort to enrich the life of every child in our care and are certain you will be pleased with the love, care and education your child receives at Seeds!

Our approach is “back to the basics” of childcare. We firmly believe that the roots of childhood are not founded within screens, but within interactions with adults and children alike. While we utilize innovative technology, our teachers do not have tablets interfering with day-to-day interactions, instead we use technology to guide us in learning such as yoga, music, and calm bodies.  Our spacious playgrounds lend themselves to plenty of outdoor and large body movement. We know that the Minnesota climate isn’t always conducive to being outside, but we utilize our outside space as often as we possible can. We believe in fresh air and space!  You’ll notice our inside space is spacious as well. We have large classrooms that are set up in learning areas, offering children lots of free choice for the developing brains.