A Day in the Life of Emily

Kindergartener Emily is a quiet but inquisitive girl, always willing to learn something new.


8:00 – It’s morning and Emily arrives at school, where she is excited to talk to her friends. “I don’t know what time my Daddy brings me.to school. I sit quietly during circle time. Today I learned about Canada. My teacher tells me what month it is and what day it is. I sing songs sometimes.”

After circle time Emily and her classmates work independently. “I do challenging work, that means hard work. The most challenging work I do is writing. Today I did the barn work, I set up the barn and the animals and I put the labels next to the buildings and the animals.”

She also enjoys doing challenging work like reading, as well as puzzles and artwork like coloring, painting, and stamping.

emily writing at preschool


11:30 – After finishing her work, Emily goes outside where she plays “house” and “family” with her friends. Sometimes they go down the slide or climb on the play set.

12:30 – Emily’s mom packed a lunch for her, something different every day, but her favorite is a sandwich! She enjoys sitting with her friends at the table and eating lunch. “Before we eat lunch, we say the wish together!” We wish for peace, joy and happiness to children all over the world. Bon appetit, enjoy your lunch. “We listen to music during lunch, my favorite is the pan pipes music, and the giant song!” Some days they have a silent lunch, other times Emily enjoys sitting with a friend during lunch and talking. She also learns about composers at lunch, listening to their music and seeing pictures of the men who “sometimes have wigs,” as Emily notes with a smile. When she is finished with her lunch, she washes her plate and fork, and leaves them in the drying rack.


1:00 – Emily takes a short rest, but because she’s bigger she doesn’t sleep anymore. When she wakes up she chooses challenging work. Her favorite thing to do is read. Her teacher works one on one with her or one of Emily’s classmates. “Ms. Laurel reads a book to us, but if we don’t want to listen to the story we do some work. Ms Laurel does the puzzle words with me”.

3:30 – The afternoon program beings! Emily enjoys the afternoon program now because they are reading books out loud and coloring pictures! They also sing songs and and do projects.

5:00 – Emily’s mom or her grandma comes to pick her up. Sometimes she gets to go to grandma’s house where she plays! Her favorite thing about school is that she gets to learn new things.

emily at recess