A Day in the Live of Tarun

Meet preschooler Tarun, a bright-eyed eyed boy filled with energy and never-ending curiosity.


8:30 – Tarun’s day at Sonnet begins! What time do you come to school, we ask Tarun. “Late,” is the matter-of-fact reply. He comes into the classroom, hangs up his coat and stores his backpack in his cubby. He puts on his inside shoes, then right away he investigates what is for snack that day. After snack, he works on subtraction and writing words. He also enjoys cutting snowflakes out of paper and building things.

11:30 – The Montessori 3-hour work cycle comes to an end and Tarun’s teacher, Ms. Sushma, gathers the students together for a circle time before going outside. Sometimes, on Tarun’s snack day he gets to bring a special item from home to share with the class during circle time. “One time I brought a silly monkey. When you press it’s tummy it says, ‘Ooh-ooh-ah-ah!'”

tarun reading at preschool


11:45 –Recess. Tarun loves to play tag and chase his friends during recess!

12:30 – Lunch. “The teacher brings me the lunch on a plate. It is hot! I like the pasta and the chicken! After I am done, I wash the plate all by myself!”

1:00 – After lunch, Tarun and his friends rest. When he wakes up he chooses a challenging work like the long bead chain, or his favorite, the subtraction strip board. “Today I am learning the multiplication board.”

tarun at recess


3:30 – The afternoon rest and Montessori cycle ends, and the children begin their afternoon program. The afternoon program introduces hands-on projects, reading, and science exploration that provide variation to the day. “We made cookies today! Like the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!”

5:30 – Tarun’s mom comes and picks him up. At home, he drinks “carrot milk”, eats dinner, then goes to sleep so he is ready for another day at school!

tarun in the afternoon