Observing 115 Years of Montessori Education

montessori education week

Montessori Education Week starts on Sunday, February 20th, 2022, and here at Sonnet Montessori, we will commemorate the 115th anniversary of the opening of the first Montessori school by promoting increased awareness of the method and respect for all children, our most precious natural resource.  We will be joining more than 5,000 Montessori schools across the U.S. and 20,000 schools around the world as we celebrate the child-centered, individualized approach to education that was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman physician in Italy. 

The celebration at Sonnet will include Peace & Friendship Day, Global Citizen Day (celebrating world cultures), High Tea with special guests from our local communities, and Teacher Professional Development with an Emphasis on the Montessori Method! 

Current Sonnet parents do not want to miss out on following our social media pages, as there will be prizes!  (Like, comment or share Montessori Ed Week posts to enter the drawing!)  They also will want to stop by the display table at the school to learn more about Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori philosophy and to pick up free literature!

The Montessori method has been garnering more national attention due to Montessori alumni and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his initiative of tuition-free Montessori-inspired preschools, but has a long line of notable alumni, including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, violinist Joshua Bell, NBA MVP Stephen Curry, Emmy award winning actor Helen Hunt, chef Julia Child, Pulitzer Prize recipient Anthony Doerr and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The Governor’s office has previously recognized the last week of February as “Montessori Education Week” in the State of Minnesota, acknowledging that the Montessori method was formed by observation of how children naturally learn, in addition to a scientific approach of research, testing and observation.  The governor’s proclamation also states that the Montessori method “utilizes materials, techniques and observations that support the students’ natural development, encourage their learning, independence and self-confidence, and advance the principles of peace through responsible citizenship.,   The Montessori method is characterized by developmental teaching, one-to-one lessons, and the promotion of respect among children and peace to humankind.


“The Montessori system may be one of the best-kept secrets in education,” says CEO, Jessica Johnsen.  “We were so excited about the opportunity to acquire Sonnet Montessori last year, not only to keep Sonnet alive but to truly honor the Montessori legacy.”

Preserving the legacy of Montessori education in Lakeville, Prior Lake and surrounding areas, while bringing in the best in early childhood education innovations, health & safety practices, and teacher training, was a challenge that the dynamic duo, Jessica and Kylie Schrader (COO) were eager to take on, having discovered a love for the Montessori method.  Since acquiring Sonnet, undaunted by the challenges faced due to the ongoing pandemic, they have dedicatedly worked on building a team of experienced and certified teachers and leaders (including AMS, AMI and NAMC certifications), and built from the ground up an intensive onboarding process that focuses on health & safety, early childhood development, the Montessori philosophy and that defines Sonnet’s culture and values. 

Jessica and Kylie, along with Sonnet’s regional directors, bring a combined total of more than 7 decades of early childhood experience to the table, and more than 3 decades of Montessori experience!   They lead with their core values of positivity, innovation, collaboration, communication, nurturing and, of course, what would it all be without FUN

Jessica and Kylie believe that early childhood education is one of the most rewarding careers and are committed to taking care of Sonnet’s incredible team of teachers and support staff.  They are actively involved at all their schools, even substituting in the classrooms when they can!  They also offer a highly competitive benefit package and compensation, paid teacher and Montessori certification, and career growth opportunities. 

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