Congratulations, Graduates!

The first week of May we celebrated our Spring Concert & Graduation. Our Children’s House and Toddler Community families and friends joined us in celebrating the end of the school year and wishing all our friends well who are moving on to elementary school!

2024 spring concert graduation
2024 spring concert graduation2

Our deepest appreciation goes to our music teacher, Ms. Becky, who comes weekly to teach in our Toddler Community and Children’s House Communities. We are so pleased to have such an incredible educator and musician to share her passion for and knowledge of music with the children, and that we can offer children in these communities weekly music classes at no additional cost!

We are also so grateful to Ms. Arianna, our Spanish teacher, who shares her love for and knowledge of Spanish and her culture with our Children’s House community students every week!  These classes are also offered at no cost to parents!

We also want to give a huge amount of gratitude to our directors and teachers. Their passion for education and their dedication to the children is unmatched, and we are so grateful for what they do. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The teachers are, of course, among the most important people in our nation. Day in and day out they are at work preparing the future citizens of the United States,” and citizens of the world! The work they do is incalculable in value!

To our families: thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. It takes a village, they say, and we firmly believe we have the best “village” around!


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