Whining: Are Your Child’s Needs Being Met?

Whining typically peaks between 2-4 years of age, and then decreases with age. However, some children seem to have figured out the most irritating decibel to an adult, the appropriate length of time to employ it and the perfect number of repetitions – all to get what they want. Right?

Surprise . . . it’s not always about what they want, but whining can often indicate there is something they need. It might not actually be about the iPad or the treat they are asking for. There could be more going on under the surface, and a little self-evaluation is the place to start. “What does my child need and how am I meeting those needs?” Let’s look at your child’s need of rest, nutrition, connection, physical activity and health.

Need 1: Rest

Need 2: Nutrition

good mood foods
parent connection

Need 3: Connection

Need 4: Physical activity

physical activity

Need 5: Health


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