The #1 Thing You Can Do to Prepare Your Child For Reading & Learning

A treasured childhood experience is being read aloud to by one’s parent(s). 83% of children who are or have been read aloud to say they either “loved it” or “liked” it and even more said it was a “special time” with their parent. This alone is a wonderful reason to snuggle up on the couch with your child, open the pages of the book and explore together!

“A tsunami of neurochemical benefits gets unleashed when a parent and child cuddle over a book. Stress and anxiety downshift, for starters. As soon as the parent puts his or her arms around the child, hormones flood their bloodstreams, relaxing them and engendering mutual trust. “  Susan Pinker

reading aloud to preschoolers
toddler with picture book at preschool
two preschoolers reading together


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