Montessori at Home

These activities are popular at Sonnet Montessori and Child Care, resulting in an astounding amount of concentration and enjoyment. Not only do children love them (and therefore keep them occupied for more than 5 minutes!) but they also aid in developing skills like concentration and fine motor movement. These will work for toddlers as well as preschoolers and can easily be replicated at home. Give them a try!

1. Threading or sewing.

A greater starter activity are chunky bead blocks & shoe laces. If you don’t have bead blocks, try large tube-shaped pasta like rigatoni. Once a child masters these, you can move to pipe cleaners or cording and pony beads. We also like the “Lace and Trace” sets! Children will also love a bit of burlap put into an embroidery hoop – with a blunt embroidery needle and embroidery thread, they will be excited to “sew”!

preschooler sewing

2. Juicing oranges.

A bowl, a juicer and a halved orange – a fantastic hand-strengthening activity that has tasty results.

3. Window washing.

A small spray bottle of water & vinegar (10:1 ratio) and a squeegee or soft cloth might afford ten or fifteen minutes of fun as well as a clean window (although we can’t promise it will be streak-free!)

4. Magnetic or non-magnetic tray.

Set up a tray of assorted objects, both magnetic and non-magnetic. Include a large magnet. Your child will have fun seeing which items are magnetic!

5. Sand tray.

Set up a shallow tray of regular or colored sand – your child can “draw” shapes in the sand, then shake to erase. This is how a Montessori teacher first has a child “write” their letters!

Toddle eating lunch at preschool

6. Set up a water pouring activity.

All you need is a variety of liquid measuring cups or small pitchers or glass jars, a funnel, water, and a sponge or rag for spills! Add a drop of food coloring to your water, if you desire.


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