Kindergarten Readiness: Self-Regulation Skills

What is Self-Regulation?

child learning to count at preschool
  • The ability to self-regulate, even in children as young as preschool age, is an important indicator of school readiness and academic achievement. (Self-Regulation and School Success, Duckworth & Carlson.)
  • Many kindergarten teachers state that the most important indicator of success for a child entering elementary school is the ability to sit still, pay attention, and follow rules (Rimm-Kaufman, Pianta, & Cox, 2000).
  • One study showed that children who scored just one deviation above the average on attention span and persistence at the age of 4 years had 39% greater odds of completing college by the age of 25! (McClelland, Piccinin, Acock, & Stallings, 2011)

Are Self-Regulation Skills Genetic or Developed?

How Does Sonnet Montessori Foster Self-Regulation?

two young boys at preschool dressed up

How Can I Encourage Self-Regulation at Home?

young girl learning to count at preschool


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