Favorite Educational Activities and Toys for Toddlers

We invite you into one of our classrooms this week as we explore our Toddler Community Guide’s favorite Montessori learning and educational activities for toddlers!  Many of these activities and materials (toys) can be used at home to support your child’s cognitive and physical development!

These “toys” are ones that are largely made of natural materials (fabrics, wood, metals). You’ll also notice they do not use batteries. Toys that utilize batteries are generally ones that are designed to entertain, while our goal is for a child to experience and discover! You’ll also notice that these objects are fairly simple and are designed not to overwhelm the child by trying to introduce too many concepts at once. For example, when we introduce numbers, we don’t combine these with bright colors, lights and the alphabet. We use a material (sandpaper letters) that brings a child’s focus to the shape of the number.

The learning activities and toys at the toddler age should aid in building a foundation of independence, fine and gross motor development, vocabulary, concentration, sensory learning and more. These are all vital to a child’s future success in language, writing and math skills. 

So, without further ado, Ms. Megan’s favorites!

animal basket
long drawer
cone stack
cone stacker
knobbed cylinders
sandpaper numbers
geometric solids
horizontal and vertical dowels
pom pom pushing work
clothespin work
ring return box
zipper pouch
sorting trays
sponging water work
lock and key
fine motor jar
matching work
weighted cylinders
threading or beading work


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