Considering a Career of Early Childhood Education?

Is a career in childcare for you? What about becoming a Montessori guide? Whether you call it early childhood education, daycare, childcare, preschool, or a Montessori Children’s House, working with young children is incredibly rewarding and valuable.

Upon the institution of National Teacher’s Day in 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The teachers are, of course, among the most important people in our nation. Day in and day out they are at work preparing the future citizens of the U.S. . . . I have always felt that we did not give an honorable enough place in our communities to the teachers. Next to parents they are the most important people in our communities.”

If you love being around children, find joy in their natural curiosity and enthusiastic discoveries, appreciate their ingenuous observations, enjoy nurturing and caring for their developmental needs; if you like doing something new and staying active every day; if you are eager to see children grow and be successful, an early childhood career may be just the right path for you!

While working with young children has its challenges (as do all career paths), we think it is one of the most rewarding careers available. What a privilege to have a positive impact on the youngest members in our community and to make an investment in tomorrow’s leaders and world changers in their formative years! As Dr. Maria Montessori said, “Within the child lies the fate of the future!”

We firmly believe that those who work in early childhood are not simply “daycare” workers or “child care” workers, but are educators and professionals, and the work that they do is incalculable in value!

teacher with young students at preschool

Entering the Early Childhood Field

Early Childhood Teachers

learning to count at preschool
teacher teaching student about the world at preschool

Early Childhood Administrators

After gaining experience and education in the early childhood field, many individuals go on to become: Mentor Teacher, Director/Head of School, Director of Education, Regional Director, or enter specialist or executive roles within companies. We are pleased to partner with our sister schools at Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Centers to offer opportunities for growth within our state in our greater Midwest region.

Career Growth Opportunities at Sonnet Montessori

Sonnet Montessori offers many in-house leadership development programs for individuals wishing to take the next step in their career, and partners with other institutions for individuals wanting to further their education and obtain additional credentials.

Getting Your Early Childhood Credential or Degree for Free?! Yes, It’s Possible!

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