It’s OK to Say No

preschool child and science experiment

In recent decades, there has been a trend towards positive and gentle parenting techniques and respect for the child as an individual and with basic human rights.

Montessori at Home: Say This Not That

teacher with students at Montessori preschool

Many parents ask how they can support their child’s learning at home, and specifically, how they can help maintain consistency between the Montessori classroom and their homes.

To Teach or to Guide?

Montessori guides with infants

In Montessori schools, the word “teacher” is often replaced with the word “guide”. Are these terms truly so different?

It’s Not Fair

children playing with blocks at preschool

It’s not uncommon for children to begin to notice differences and make comparisons between themselves and their peers.

Process Over Product

child creating process art at preschool

Advocates of “process art” emphasize that it should involve a lack of instruction, no specific time limit or pressure for a finished product.