Prekindergarten: Harmful or Helpful?

Montessori offers individualized, child-led learning

A decade long study released in 2022 and conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt University followed two groups of children from early childhood through sixth grade.

Montessori Children’s House: Foundation For Life

learning to sew at preschool

What do parents want for their children’s future? Overwhelmingly, it is that they are happy (including job satisfaction) and successful (financial stability), according to a survey released in 2023 by Pew Research Center. As parents, how do we give our children a strong foundation for life? What essential traits or skills are necessary for both […]

Safe Outdoor Play: Sun & Insects

children in trolly

Spring has arrived in Minnesota, and we are soaking up all the sunshine we can! Outdoor play is so important for children as it has numerous benefits, both physical and mental.

Teacher Appreciation Week

teachers and students smiling at preschool

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10 this year, and while we are celebrating the following week, we wanted to encourage you to appreciate the teachers in your life!