Twin Cities Holiday Light Displays

severs holiday lights

The holidays are just weeks away, and if you’re looking for a night of holiday fun, here’s our list of holiday light displays in Minneapolis-St Paul and surrounding areas!

Cut-Your Own Christmas Trees in the Twin Cities

sunny day in the snow

For members of our community who choose to celebrate Christmas with their families, consider supporting our local farmers by taking your family on an outing to one of the beautiful Christmas tree farms in the Twin Cities Metro area!

Fostering Generosity in Children

children playing outside at preschool

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving has been known as “GivingTuesday” for the past decade and is a day dedicated to encouraging generosity as an expression of “mutuality, solidarity and reciprocity” among humankind.

Montessori Encyclopedia: Red Rods

red rods at Montessori

The red rods are a sensorial material in the Children’s House classroom, consisting of ten rods that gradually increase in size by 10-centimeter increments, starting at 10 centimeters going up to 100 centimeters.

Home Organization with Little Ones (Part 1)

girl cleaning at home

Whether you’re someone who survives or thrives during this season, we can all agree with the experts that keeping our home environment orderly and clean does wonders for mental health!