We would like to thank all of the teachers and staff at Sonnet Montessori for all that you have done for our children throughout the years. We have been with Sonnet since it opened at the Prior Lake location. At that time, our oldest daughter entered into the toddler room. She thrived through the years from the toddler room, to the regular classroom and through Kindergarten. Now as our second and youngest child is prepared to leave, she has had the same experience. Through all the hard work of the Sonnet teachers and staff, you have provided our children with a great jumping board as they enter public schools. You have allowed them to thrive and explore what interests them the most and you have taught them math and reading beyond what is “typical” for their age group. You have done this with solid teaching techniques, but more importantly, with love. You have treated our children as family and we think this is your greatest gift. We appreciate all that you have done for our family and Sonnet will always have a special place in our hearts. We would recommend Sonnet Montessori to anyone who is looking for a solid, loving environment for their children prior to them becoming elementary school age. Thank you for all that you do!
–The Cavallaro Family (June 2016)

The whole DeShaw family would like to thank all of you, especially Ms. Marie & Ms. Shobana, for making the past two years of Parker’s educational and personal growth so wonderful! We, as parents, cannot believe the leaps and bounds our son has made while attending class. Ms. Marie has opened our eyes to Parker’s potential. For that we will be forever grateful! Although we are excited (and nervous) for Parker’s new journey starting at Harriet Bishop as a Kindergartner, we are sad to leave our Sonnet home. The memories will be cherished forever. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your time, skills in teaching, nurturing and love for our child. I really feel you care for him about as much as his parents do.
— The DeShaw Family (June 2016)

Sonnet Montessori has made a tremendous impact on our daughter, Keira, along with our entire family. Since day one, we felt part of the Sonnet family. The environment is so warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is filled with nurtured learning. When Keira started, we had concerns about preparing her for elementary school. She needed additional structure and support that she was not receiving from her current environment. As soon as she started, we saw positive changes in Keira, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. She was part of the Sonnet family for two years, staying in the same children’s house both years which was instrumental in building consistency and routine. I cannot thank Sonnet enough for molding Keira into the mature and responsible student she is today!!
— Kelly Hanson

Addi has especially taken to Ms. Marie, who was kind enough to request I hand Addi off to her every morning during our initial transition. She took Addi kicking and screaming for weeks until she became comfortable with her new routine. Addi now runs to greet Marie with a hug each morning. Its so clear Addi enjoys her time with all of you though. Her disposition is dramatically improved from when we¹d pick her up from her previous care provider. She is sleeping significantly better both during the day and at night, and her interactions. We just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy we¹ve been with everyone and everything at Sonnet. In the almost 4 months Addison has been in attendance we¹ve yet to come up with a single negative thing to say. The staff is always so warm and welcoming in the morning.in general are so much more positive than they¹ve ever been. We recognize part of that is normal development, but also want to acknowledge that the Sonnet staff is playing a key role as well. It means the world to be completely comfortable with the people we leave Addi with during the day, and in our short time with you, everyone has exceeded expectations. Thank you for everything you and your staff do every day. Choosing Sonnet as the place where Addi spends her days is one of the best decisions we¹ve made in our short time as parents. Thank you so much,
–Shawn and Mandy Kopnick

I am so grateful for all Sonnet has done to inspire my kids the love of learning. Sonnet provides a loving environment focused on what’s best for each child, in addition to top-notch academics my kids were allowed to be kids and explore the world around them through music, art, and language. There is no doubt in my mind that Sonnet gave my kids the best preparation possible for elementary school. We will forever be grateful for the years we had sonnet in our lives, in fact, my 11-year son still speaks fondly about his experience at Sonnet. My children are partly who they are today because of Sonnet. Mother of 2 Sonnet graduates! Thank you so much!

We can’t thank you and your staff enough for preparing our children for the rest of their lives! Cameron is reading at
4th-grade level (he will be in 2nd grade next year) and Shelby is well on her way as well. We recommend your school to everyone we talk to and we will miss bringing them to Sonnet every day. As a mother, it is very hard for me to close this chapter in our lives as our babies are both school age but I know they are as well prepared as they can be for the coming years. – Spencer Lerum

We have been part of Sonnet for 2 years and this has brought remarkable changes in my son. Its been a wonderful experience in spending time with teachers and kids while volunteering also. Sonnet teachers had played a crucial role in developing and grooming my son’s skills and overall development. I would say that foundation is very important for a building to be strong and that foundation has been successfully led by Sonnet for [my son]. Thanks to all Sonnet teachers and specially thanking Ms.Marie and Ms. Shobana for their effort, time and dedication.
–Shaurya Jain

Our experience with Sonnet School has been nothing but positive. We have 2 children attending that are 4 and 5 years old and the knowledge they gained this year is unparalleled. They have a jump start on reading and sounding words out as well as learning basic math skills. The teachers work so hard to provide individual attention and it truly shows. My children have learned so much about other countries and their traditions as well as how to respect each other and show respect to adults. We have had such a great experience at Sonnet and would recommend them to any parent seeking preschool or kindergarten for their children.
— Carly Ogdahl

Our daughter attends Sonnet Montessori and her experience (and therefore ours) with this program has been something special. We have enjoyed watching our daughter’s mind and knowledge expand over the time she has attended but not just her mind – her heart has expanded as well. She has so much love for her teachers and friends here and Sonnet seems to encourage the caring and love. That is important to me because as any parent knows when you have to leave them during the day you hope they are feeling the warmth, appreciation and love you would give them at home. Not only does our daughter seem to feel and get those things – she is getting one amazing education on top of it. She has a great appreciation for reading, writing, and even math and she’s only 4! We truly believe the Sonnet experience is fostering a growth with her that we wouldn’t have gotten somewhere else. The staff is wonderful and we have found it very easy to work with the teachers and director on any issues that have come up. The collaborative effort between teacher/director/parent is something unique and this is something else I’m not sure we would’ve seen at other preschools. We know we’ve made the right choice with Sonnet and will enjoy continuing watching our daughter blossom into an even more amazing person.
— Traci Portwood

I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect with Montessori when I first met my husband and his little boy (now mine too!), who was attending a Montessori program in Minneapolis. I really didn’t know much about it. However, my son has really done well in school and I feel much of his success is due to the foundation laid in his early years in the Montessori program. He manages his own school work, really loves learning and reading and is overall a well rounded, sweet kid. We enrolled my 4 year old at Sonnet the summer before her first year of kindergarten. She had been going to an in-home daycare since she was a baby, and it was our hope that an all-day program combined with a focus on the basics might help get her ready for kindergarten. Within 3 months, she had made many friends, knew mostly all of the alphabet and was beginning to read, write all of her letters and count. She also gained a great deal of confidence with the support and encouragement from her teachers. They worked with her daily to get her ready and we couldn’t have been more proud of her and thankful to the wonderful teachers at Sonnet. Lastly, we enrolled my brand new 3 year old at Sonnet. To say my last child is extremely shy would be an understatement. She cried each day when we left her at school and she barely spoke for the first six months to either teachers or students. However, with the teachers’ support, encouragement, and constant watchful eye on her, to ensure she felt safe and secure, she is now chattering away with her friends and teachers. It has been almost a year now and she smiles when we leave her at Sonnet. She is working on her sounds, writing her letters and numbers, and polishing her overall basic Montessori skills. We realize that the Montessori process is very effective at laying a great foundation for children to love learning. However, we think what differentiates Sonnet is the amazing teachers, who really pay close attention to the children, treat them with a great deal of respect and show compassion to each of their little personalities
— Amy Weimerskirch

Sonnet is a place where all kids are welcome. The teachers are warm and friendly and care about each child. They challenge the students and have high expectations for them. Maria has learned so much at Sonnet. She is reading very well and her Sonnet has been such a wonderful place for our daughter to grow and learn. Maria began at Sonnet a shy and sensitive child who sometimes lacked confidence. Sonnet has changed all that for Maria. She is confident and assertive with her learning and with friends. Mathematics and writing skills are excellent. Maria used to hate math, but now she spends a lot of time on the math works. She is definitely ready for all-day kindergarten next year. We have two smaller children at home and there is no doubt in my mind that they will also attend Sonnet. I also recommend Sonnet to all my friends and neighbors.
— Megan and Rob Willrett

Before coming to Sonnet Montessori, my daughter went to a highly regarded franchised daycare center and entered the pre-K class when she was 4 ½ years old. Shortly after that, I discovered that she could not recognize any numbers from 1 to 20. I was alarmed that I was paying so much money and I had to teach her myself. When I inquired about the learning curriculum in her class, the teacher informed me that tables were set up with activities, but it was optional for the children. They could choose to play with non-educational toys instead – all day, which is apparently what my daughter chose to do. Naturally, I searched for a new preschool / daycare environment who could help me prepare my daughter for Kindergarten. I did some research on Montessori schools and was intrigued with the style of teaching. I met with Ann and was immediately impressed with the advanced educational concepts being taught here. My jaw dropped when I say some of the work these little kids were doing. They could recognize and write numbers up to 100! 100?!!! The previous center couldn’t even teach my daughter numbers up to 10! I also thought the lead teacher seemed so nice. I was immediately sold. My daughter started in March before Kindergarten started. In 4 short months, I went from thinking there was no way I could send her to Kindergarten to she is so ready for Kindergarten. All the activities throughout the day are learning based and they seemed to hold my daughter’s attention. My daughter enjoyed the individual attention that she received from Ms. Marie as well as the group activities. She suddenly became very interested in learning. I’m impressed with her progress and I know she will do well in her school days ahead. Many, many thanks! — Alice Walker

My daughter has flourished at Sonnet, we are constantly amazed by the things she is learning! The staff at Sonnet is amazing! They are so wonderful at working with our daughter at the pace she needs and are always willing to take time to discuss her progress with us.
We love Sonnet, we are confident it was the right choice for our daughter and would recommend them to any parent. The Montessori teaching style has done wonders for our daughter, the phonics approach to reading is amazing, we’ve seen it work right before our eyes! Thank you! — Cassandra (Cassie) Heiberg

Our son has had a wonderful experience with Sonnet. He has learned so much in a short period of time. I am amazed that he can write his name at the age of 3. He has a high interested in the practical life skills along with math, and of course loves being outside or going to the gym. Everything they do at Sonnet there is some type of teaching involved, the children area always learning. All the teachers and staff are genuine. They show a lot of patience, interest and care towards the students. My son loves going to school! Not much more you can say to that!
— Kelly Malecha

Sonnet Montessori has been a very positive life experience for my son & my family. Prior to going to Sonnet, we tried hard to potty train our son. He started going to Sonnet when he was 33 months old & within a week he was potty trained. Within a few weeks after that positive experience, he started initiating clearing his plate from the table & asking if he could do things around the house to help me. He was so proud to show me that he could wipe off the kitchen table, pour his milk, & hang up his coat. He’s been going to Sonnet for 1 1/2 years now & I have been very pleased with my son’s ability to go up to other kids his age & strike up a conversation, read beginner books & do simple math. I know this would not be possible if he were to attend a regular daycare program. The staff at Sonnet have been a great influence on his ability to read, write & do simple math. They also have taught him the necessary social skills that it takes to get along with other kids & adults. I’m always proud to say that my son attends Sonnet Montessori.
— Kelly Flanagan

We appreciate the Care, Love and Attention that teachers at Sonnet show to kids!! We as a parent understand it is not a easy task to handle kids and the teachers at Sonnet are doing a wonderful job. As you know Sivaani came from India and understanding the slang used by kids and communicating with everyone here was not an easy task for her. But the kind of improvement we see now compared to when we enrolled Sivaani last September is humongous!!! Every day we are able to see new development in Sivaani and she loves going to school. The kind of energy and enthusiasm she shows and asking us to take her to school even in weekends shows the job well done by Sonnet Staff!!! Our family would like to THANK the Sonnet School STAFF for doing such a great job!! They deserve the Appreciation and Thank you note from every parent!!
— Sangeetha Rajappan

Thanks so much for what you and your staff at Sonnet Montessori have done for the twins over the past two-plus years. Your school is outstanding and you should be very proud of what you and your staff are doing for your students and their families.
— Gordon Lang

Sonnet Montessori was a blessing to our family when it opened in 2006. Our son became the 6th child to join this wonderful school. The programs over the years have been diverse. For example language lessons in Japanese, Chinese and now Spanish. Cooking, gardening, music and science classes have brought home many interesting stories. The teachers are fabulous, so dedicated, caring and effective. Our son will begin kindergarten this fall with a good foundation of reading, math, and writing skills. Our daughter has attended for the past year and is always excited to go to school. This program is not a daycare but an educational learning program providing fun and exciting life skills. We highly recommend this program. Thank you to all the teachers and caring parents that make Sonnets so successful.
— Jeff and Tanya Peterson

Sonnet prepared Kylee with a great first step towards her first year in kindergarten. thenOur youngest daughter Kylee Boone had only been attending Sonnet for one school year. Over that year, we noticed dramatic changes in her writing, reading, and speech. Not to mention her quick understanding of Math and Geography. Sonnet has more Thanks Sonnet!
— Rod and Stacy Boone

I want to thank so much for the incredible support Sonnet has been to our family. We also had a little girl who refused to write back in September, who now can write all her numbers 1-10 and can read short vowel words! You and your staff are amazing, and we are grateful.
— Heather McKinleya